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About Us

Elisabetta Testore

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Elisabetta is a co-founder of Enjoy Piedmont Italy Travel, responsible for the design of itineraries, she helps travelers to live the best travel and discovery experiences in Piedmont.

She is a Professional Tour Guide with a degree in Intercultural Communication from the University of Turin and speaks English, Spanish and French.

Before starting to create tours and lead groups to discover her city and region, Elisabetta collaborated with important tourism companies, such as Sol Melià, Costa Cruises and I Viaggi del Ventaglio, as a tour leader, airport assistant and excursion manager, in Europe, the Caribbean, Brazil, Mexico and Egypt.

Elisabetta is a passionate, organized and engaging guide: an expert in the area, she knows how to convey emotions and make her itineraries authentic, fun and profound.

Adam R. Reardon

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Adam is a co-founder of Enjoy Piedmont Italy Travel and is responsible for business management and IT support.

He has bachelor’s degrees in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Computer Science from The University of Queensland and an MBA from Walsh College of Business & Finance. He has over 20 years of engineering and management experience holding positions of increasing responsibility throughout his extensive career in the automotive industry.

Since moving to Turin, Italy in 2014 he fell in love with the wine, food, art, culture, and history of the Piedmont region and with his wife, Elisabetta, decided to pivot and open the Enjoy Piedmont Italy Travel business to share their knowledge and appreciation of Piedmont by helping others to visit, explore and experience it.


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Luigi Ranzani – Environmental Hiking Guide. I was born in a lake town, Intra, on the Piedmontese side of Lake Maggiore. But I’ve always looked at the lake from above, from the mountains behind the house. From meeting a writer from Valtellina, I learned that mountains must be walked, watched and listened to as if they were stories, ideas, destinies. That it is necessary to look at them with the eyes, words and gestures of those (mountain dwellers, poets, farmers, writers, artists) who have been able to reveal their beauty and truth. My passion for the mountains led me to obtain the qualification to practice as an Environmental Hiking Guide. I am the author of the book “Discovering Alpine Pastures and Cheeses”, a collection of excursion stories dedicated to the Ossola mountain pastures (MonteRosa editions). Since 2018, I am an Official Guide of the ValGrande National Park. My work as a Guide is to share these encounters made up of men and women, of reading, curiosity, beauty, with those who walk by my side.

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Cascina Albano. Here in short is who we are, Marco and Marta, the third generation, supported by our father Natale; ready to guide you through our vineyards to understand even more about what it means to be part of this family. All obviously accompanied by some glasses of our beloved wines! We are therefore waiting for you at Cascina Albano – Barbaresco, Strada Ovello, 38. https://www.cascina-albano.com/ Follow us also on FB: https://www.facebook.com/CascinaAlbano and IG: https: // www. instagram.com/cascinalbanowinery/

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