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View from the Tower of Barbaresco - Featured Image

Alba and Barbaresco: Walking and Tasting the Rich History

Waiting for the curtain to open again on this grand occasion, the International White Truffle Fair of Alba (from 5 ...
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Featured Image - Palazzo Madama - Castello Acaja

Madama Palace & Acaja Castle: A Unique Castle-Palace with a Hidden Pearl

In a cultural city like Turin, nothing is static, so even when it seems that you know perfectly a palace, ...
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Blue and yellow Big Bench of Briaglia

Big Bench Project: Big Benches for Big Experiences

Saturday morning, it's cold outside but it's sunny, beautiful and warm sunshine: the day is just right to immerse yourself ...
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Carnival parade float

The Carnival experience: authentic Piedmont

Only a month to go … I can't wait! Only a month and finally it will be Carnival!!! The festival ...
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T'oro - Richi Ferrero

Turin – the city of artists, footballers and bulls

For those of you who are from Turin or have lived here for some time, seeing representations of bulls everywhere ...
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best restaurants in turin - where to eat in turin - featured image

Where to eat in Turin – Discover now the city’s Best Restaurants

Often at the end of my tours, I am asked for advice on places where to eat, authentic restaurants, where ...
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Ravioli ai profumi di mare - Cannavacciuolo Bistrot Torino

The Best Restaurants in Piedmont – Michelin Star Restaurants of 2020

Piedmont Restaurants Nocciola, nocciola, nocciola - Cannavacciuolo Bistrot Turin It was during the third mouthful of one of the most ...
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Borgo Campidoglio Turin

Borgo Campidoglio: an open-air museum that you just can’t miss

If you are looking for a different kind of experience for your visit to the city of Turin, this blog ...
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Torino Piemonte Card and Abbonamento Musei Piemonte Museum Cards

Torino Piemonte Card & Abbonamento Musei Piemonte – Are they worth it?

You’ve just arrived in Turin ready to start your fabulous vacation. You’ve checked into your hotel or Airbnb and you're ...
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