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Chapel of Barolo

The Langhe: Wine, Art, History and Nature!

Today we want: contemporary art, history, nature, panoramas and a good wine. Where do we go? To the Langhe! We ...
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Piazza San Carlo, Via Roma, Via Garibaldi – A Fascinating Guided Tour

Piazza San Carlo, Via Roma and Via Garibaldi. Discover the "living room" of Turin as well as the best streets ...
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Piazza Carignano Turin – An Enchanting Guided Tour

In our Turin tour, Piazza Carignano is unforgettable. Elisabetta Testore, Enjoy Piedmont's tour guide, accompanies you on this special video ...
Piazza Castello - A Guided Tour - Thumbnail

Piazza Castello Turin – A Captivating Guided Tour

The first stop on the "The top 10 things + 1 to see in Turin" tour is Piazza Castello. Elisabetta ...
Via Monferrato with umbrellas from above

Via Monferrato – The Trendiest Street in Turin

The new frontier of trendy in Turin is Monferrato Street (Via Monferrato in Italian). Take it from someone that for ...
Galleria Grande - Reggia di Venaria

The Reggia of Venaria, or rather, a trip to Paris between gardens and Art Nouveau

If you’re like me, sometimes you just want to escape from everyday life and fly to Paris. But if you ...
Monferrato panorama - Cinque Quinti

The Wine, the Stone and the Sabaudity – Part II

...continued from part I. The awards received as one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, the appreciation of UNESCO, ...
Infernot - Ecomuseo della Pietra da Cantoni - Cella Monte Monferrato

The Wine, the Stone and the Sabaudity – part I

Since 2014 it has been a UNESCO site as part of Piedmont's wine country, and since 2018 it has become ...
Casa Menabrea - Beer Museum

Menabrea: In Piedmont the Cradle of Italian Beer

For whatever reason you may have come, you can't leave Biella without first visiting the historic Menabrea Brewery, Italy's oldest ...
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