Welcome to the Enjoy Piedmont blog!

Welcome to the Enjoy Piedmont blog!

This blog was created to promote the “Piedmont Experience”. We want the world to discover and enjoy the best travel, art, culture, history, wine and food of northern Italy’s Piedmont region. 

We publish a bilingual (English & Italian) blog (https://enjoypiedmont.com/en/) and video tours (https://enjoypiedmont.com/en/video-tours/) about our favourite parts of Turin and Piedmont giving you your own personal virtual guided tour. We strive to provide information on some of the lesser-known travel experiences and give a point-of-view different from the mainstream as well as go deeper where the others do not.

We provide guided tours, outdoor experiences and food a wines tastings as well as tailor-made travel proposals. 

We hope you enjoy your stay with us on our page and visit our website as well as come and visit and enjoy Piedmont soon! If you want more information about anything to do with travelling in Piedmont, please contact us here: https://enjoypiedmont.com/en/contact/


Video Tours: https://enjoypiedmont.com/en/video-tours/

Contact us: https://enjoypiedmont.com/en/contact/

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