Enjoy Piedmont-Italy Travel

Nature and Landscapes

Enjoy the most beautiful
and exclusive views
from fascinating lakes with enchanting islands,
to the captivating scenery of rolling hills
covered in vineyards and hazelnut groves.
Live the nature experience with our exclusive
glamping trips.

Food and Wine

Appreciate the best of world-famous wines
like Barolo, Barbaresco and Gavi
and homemade cheeses.
Taste our handcrafted beers
and top quality chocolates.
Get to meet the producers and learn
the environmentally sustainable processes
and the traditional production methods
with our food and wine
tasting tours.

Enjoy Piedmont-Italy Travel
Enjoy Piedmont-Italy Travel

Outdoor Activities

Relax in style as you glide across the water in a cruise
on one of Piedmont-Italy’s many beautiful lakes.
Explore our extensive forests,
imposing peaks and breathtaking parks
with unforgettable trail hiking
and enjoy a panoramic bike ride
through the vineyards with our
active tours.

Art and Culture

Visit the world’s second richest collection
of Egyptian Culture in Turin’s Egyptian Museum.
Learn the history of the United Kingdom of Italy
and visit the Royal Residences of its Royal Family.
Immerse yourself in the Medieval Age
through exploring traditional castles and villages
all over the region of Piedmont-Italy with our
cultural tours.

Enjoy Piedmont-Italy Travel
Enjoy Piedmont-Italy Travel


In all our tours, enjoy the classic Italian life
and get to meet the locals
strolling in the picturesque kilometer-zero food markets.
Shop precious white truffles and local wines
at dedicated fairs.